What to Do When Using Metal Ceiling Joist Span Table

To use metal ceiling joist span table, you need to know the structural principles which govern their use. If you already know, more or less it’s a straight forward process. If you are using span table yet don’t know what to do with it, we can help. Below are things to do when you are using metal ceiling joist span table.

Things to Do

First, you need to determine the span and design conditions. Then, you need to know what are the allowable live load, dead load, snow load as well as deflection. How can you know this? Well, simply check the codes.

After that, choose the appropriate span table and match span in the table so you can know the design condition and determine the minimum strength rating and stiffness listed in the table. Keep in mind that you will have many choices for on-center size and spacing.

Then, you may select the appropriate grade from values. These values are listed in design values table. You will have many choices in this, which means you will have an economic opportunity. What you need to do next is to determine the amount of compression perpendicular to grain values in table required. Lastly, you need to verify that the design value you chose earlier fit this required design value.

What to Do When Using Metal Ceiling Joist Span Table