What will You Get from Unfinished Butcher Block Slabs is Unbelievable

Unfinished butcher block slabs can be a great addition to your home. It allows you to easily choose special options that will help you create workable workspaces. The most popular types of butcher block are zebrawood, oak, and walnut. Even though, there are still many choices, like cherry and maple.

Unfinished butcher block slabs have variant construction styles which you can freely choose. There are edge grain and flat grain. Each of which has their own cost and benefit. For the edge grain, it is an affordable option. It has stable and strong feature for any countertop. Edge grain is also helpful to hide a knife marks. Meanwhile, flat grain can be another nice choice. Unfortunately, it is very easily scratched by a knife mark.

Finally, when you arrive at choosing finishes, there will be several different options. There will be Tung oil, mineral oil or natural waxes, and varnish. You must decide what type of finish is the best as you wish. Because it will be dealing with many foods, a food-safe oil finish may be an excellent choice. Meanwhile, varnish is scratches-prone, but it has beautiful feature and ability to stain resistant.

Ask help from a countertop professional builder to choose an unfinished butcher block slabs that you need. There will be a lot of options for the homeowner. There are finishes that can camouflage a knife mark and other scratches; others can have a pleasant-looking. Eventually, the right finish depends on an individual choice. If you are still confused, hire a professional countertop builder can be very helpful.

What will You Get from Unfinished Butcher Block Slabs is Unbelievable