What You Need to Know about Kitchen Worktop Laminate Sheets

There are many materials kitchen worktop laminate sheets made of. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will tell you about one of them. It is plastic laminate sheets.

What Is It Made of? Also known as Formica laminate sheets, plastic kitchen worktop laminate sheets is a worktop that can last for many, many years to come even in the toughest of kitchens. Their durability is well known indeed. These sheets are made primarily of resins containing Kraft paper.

Perhaps another good thing about plastic laminate sheets is their availability. As a matter of fact, they are available in literally hundreds of colors and patterns. They are also available in various textures as well. If you want to decorate your kitchen with these sheets, you will find one that suits your style and theme best.

For worktops, be sure to use only sheets made with matte or fine matte finish. Also, there are two types of plastic laminates, 1/16 inch thick and 1/32 inch thick. The 1/16 inch thick is for general purpose. This type is suitable for worktops. On the other hand, the 1/32 inch thick s suitable for drawer faces cabinet doors and backsplashes.

In general, these sheets come in 2 x4 feet to 4 x 8 feet. For longer and/or wider sheets, you will need to have it custom made. And as for the price, typically they are priced at $2 to more than $3, which depends on factors such as patterns and colors.

What You Need to Know about Kitchen Worktop Laminate Sheets