Where to Put Towel Bars in Bathroom? Bunch of Ideas are Coming Here

Where to put towel bars in bathroom? Towel ring is chosen because it does not take place too much. Therefore, narrow space is not a problem for the towel ring because there are some interesting ideas that can be chosen as an option to answer the question of where to hang it. It is nice if people can reach the towel very easy. It is next to bathtub or shower. Stack it on wall or window nearby.

Next is to align with top of the bathroom counter. Put it two if possible. It is usually called as vertical towel ring. Put the second one parallel to the counter height. However, this way should also look at the arrangement of the counter first. Wall beside the door can also be an option. The following way is also interesting that is using the bathroom cabinet where there is an open space of cabinet for towels between sides with each drawer.

The owner does not need to buy and install the towel ring separately. Towel bar that fits on the outside frame of single panel door becomes a very good idea. It can also greatly save space. However, be careful not to let the towel fall off because it is too hard when opening or closing the doors. Make sure the towel is secured.

Specific to the towel types like hand towels for instance, it can be in a reach too by placing it in line to the towel ring. Bath towel can also be placed under a mounted shelf. Be sure to measure the height so it can be reached by all family members, especially children.

Where to Put Towel Bars in Bathroom? Bunch of Ideas are Coming Here