Window Coverings for Bathroom Privacy Styles: Faux Wood vs. Woven Wood

Bathroom may be the most important private space in every home. It should not be neglected in terms of its signature style as well as its decorative ideas. Nevertheless, the functionality is still the most important thing to be taken into account, which is the privacy. Privacy issues usually comes when bathroom has windows, but do not worry, there are window coverings for bathroom privacy styles that you can choose to stay decorative and yet functional such as the faux wood and the woven wood.

Faux wood is considered a versatile and durable window covering. It gives an elegantly designed classic and traditional woody blinds that is able to resist high moisture that may build up in the bathroom without wrapping, cracking, or growing mildews. It is easy to clean and decorate by putting up some decorative cloth tapes.

Woven wood provides some kind of shades as a layer of textural and visual interest as well as a casual and contemporary feeling for your bathroom. It has the unique top down bottom up feature that allows you to arrange how much shades and light you want to diffuse in but still keeping your privacy safe. For extra privacy and decorative reason, you can try adding a blackout liner.

Your bathroom needs styling and privacy. Your bathroom windows need window coverings for bathroom privacy style to function as both privacy keepers as well as to stay in style by choosing the most suitable window coverings style, whether it is the faux wood or the woven wood.

Window Coverings for Bathroom Privacy Styles: Faux Wood vs. Woven Wood