Wondering how hard is it to Paint Cabinets?

Feel bored to see your old cabinet and want to purchase the new one but you don’t have enough budget? Wondering how hard is it to paint cabinets? Don’t worry, you can repaint it rather than to purchase the new one! Keep on reading and find how easy it is!

3 Simplest Steps to Paint Cabinets

  1. Repair Holes or Dents on Your Cabinet

If your old cabinet has some holes or dents, you must fill them with the tape on the back surface and fill the holes with wood filler. That is a must to fill in the holes of you want to repaint your cabinet. After filling in the holes wipe the excess away with a dry cloth and let it dry and fit on the holes on 5 minutes.

  1. Sand and Clean the Cabinet Surface

To smoothen better your old cabinet, use sandpaper and rub it to all over your visible cabinet surface. To be noted, you must wearing eyes protection to protect your eyes from its excess. You need to rough its surface to let your new paint blend well with the old finish cabinet. When the old paint is cracking off, your new paint can’t adhere well to the surface of your cabinet. Again, clean the excess with a dry cloth.

  1. Apply Primer and Semi-Gloss Latex Paint

To ensure a well-bonded finish coat, you must apply the primer. Also, it will allow you to have a good base for the finishing gloss water based paint. After applying the primer, you can start to apply semi-gloss latex paint for finishing. As the first lining, you just need to apply paint in thin coats, but make sure that you cover all the areas. After letting it dry for about 2 hours, wipe away the standing dust and start to apply the second lining!

Now, you can have a like new cabinet without purchase the new one! Before you do all of the steps, make sure that the first lining of the paint is dry enough. If not, the second lining will not result best.

Wondering how hard is it to Paint Cabinets?