Wondering How to Add a Pantry to Your Kitchen?

Pantry is a cabinet specifically designed to store food, beverages, dishes, or other kitchen stuff. It is always a good idea to gather all the foods and kitchen stuff in one organized cabinet. That’s why you need to add a pantry to your kitchen. Looking for steps on how to add a pantry to your kitchen? Here it is!

4 Steps to Add a Pantry in the Kitchen

  1. Prepare the Space

The first step to make a pantry is to prepare the space where you want to make your own pantry. Make sure that you have enough space to place your pantry. Measure the space depends on how many foods or kitchen stuffs you want to store on it. If you have a small space, you can make a high tall pantry, and if you have a bigger space, you can make it on landscape style.

  1. Install Plywood Walls

You can use plywood walls to ease you on the installation. After preparing the plywood walls, drill holes and fill the holes with wood putty, then paint it as you want it to be. White can give an elegant look, but if you want to have a simple look, you can paint your plywood walls with black color. Measure then cut the plywood using table saw. Drill holes as your desired interval on the wall section to provide the shelves to rest on.

  1. Cut and Install the Shelving

Adjust the shelves into the appropriate height as you wish to store your items in well organized. If you have kids, it would be better if you make a low pantry to ease your kids to reach the foods or the snacks without rocking the pantry. Place glass kitchen stuff on the inner side to save it from cracking.

After doing all the steps on how to add a pantry to your kitchen above, have you make it successfully? Make sure to always wearing eye protection and gloves while you do this project!

Wondering How to Add a Pantry to Your Kitchen?